Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SHE'S ALIVE....barely.

Happy New Years Everyone! I know, I know. I have been the worst blogger ever. I have to admit that the end of 2011 was a bit of blur for me. It was filled with weddings, work, Tacky Christmas, family fun time celebrating Maddies first Thanksgiving and Christmas, NYE in Vegas and I can't forget - OSU FIESTA BOWL!!! Love my Pokes! Oh yeah, and I moved (again) and started my own little company. Whoa. What? We'll talk about that later.

Christina's Wedding
She looked beautiful, Jeff looked handsome. 
We drank, we ate from the mashed potato bar and danced our little hearts out! 
Fun, fun times.

Route 66 Relay Marathon 
It was SO much fun! 
Go Team Occupy Rt. 66!!

 2011 Bedlam Weekend

Tacky Christmas Party
I have no words for this picture.
Rachel, Santa Tim and Elf David.
I apparently have no pictures of myself during Tacky Xmas?

Maddie's First Christmas
This was SO much fun. I love this bear cub. 
And I will do ANYTHING to make her laugh at me, 
which includes me wearing reindeer antlers!

 NYE in Vegas
All I have to say is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. (hehe)
But I had a BLAST.

OSU Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix

And of course, guess who turned the big ONE!! Maddie Bear. Those pictures will be coming soon.

I don't think I have ever been more thankful for a year to be over - See You Later 2011. I'm not gonna miss you one bit ...but I have a sneaky feeling 2012 is gonna be a wonderful year!


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  1. YAY you're back to blogging!! So, as your sister-in-law/friend I can't believe I had NO idea you were in Vegas over NYE....what the what?? We totally need a sister trip to Vegas...!

    XOXO....2012 is totally the year of LuLu!