Thursday, October 27, 2011

I've got fleas.

HA. Just Kidding. However, I (and Jessica) were brutally attacked by sand fleas. The sand flea did not leave a good impression on me - they are aggressive and angry. Why the chip on your shoulder, sand flea? For crying out loud, you live on the beach? What can you be so angry about?!?

Anyway, our vacation pictures continued. On Friday, we made our way over to Magens Bay, which we were told was rated one of the Top Ten most beautiful beaches in the world. We certainly weren't disappointed.

magens bay

magens bay ...again.

Our last day of vaca, we ventured over to another part of the St. Thomas island to do some shopping. And not to brag, but I did manage to convince one of the merchants to give me a discount on an orange purse since I was an OSU alum. So many perks to being an OSU alum, right?

having a drink after some shopping

our last night of st. thomas at havana blue. super fun bar and restaurant
Without going into too many details, we certainly enjoyed our last evening in St. Thomas - which in turn, meant it was a "hectic" morning and a rough flight (especially for Ms. Mindy and myself). Ah, vacation. So sad it's over....back to the grind. The "real world" and this "grind" is so over - rated sometimes. However, I'm back, folks. 

Sorry I've been a little delayed for getting the rest of these pictures. It is after all, my favorite time of year - and I've been enjoying the INCREDIBLE weather and all the fun fall festivities!

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  1. ha ha! Love the title! Glad you girls had some fun in the sun!! Next time take me with you....we need a sisterly getaway ;)